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Find a Plastic Surgery Clinic for Breast Implants

Canada breast implants surgeons offer a variety of implant types and sizes to enhance the bustlines of women who desire a more curvaceous and feminine physique. Breast implant types available at every plastic surgery clinic in Canada include saline- and silicone gel-filled implants as well as the latest cohesive gel implants. Saline implants have a silicone shell filled with a saltwater solution. They are slightly cheaper than silicone implants and are safer in case of rupture (the body harmlessly absorbs the saltwater solution).

Silicone implants have a silicone shell filled with a liquid silicone substance. Most people believe they look and appear more real than saline implants. However, because they must be filled prior to placement, they require a larger incision than saline implants. Moreover, in case of rupture, silicone can migrate in the body and cause localized tissue inflammation. Silicone implants also tend to be more expensive than other types of implants, thus affecting the overall breast implants surgery cost.

Cohesive gel implants are similar to traditional silicone implants except that the filling is more stable and will not travel in the body if the shell ruptures. These implants are commonly called "gummy bear" implants because they resemble gummy bear candies in their consistency. While gummy bear implants are not yet approved for use in the United States, they are approved for use in Canada and many other countries and are available at the plastic surgery clinic of almost every Canada breast augmentation surgeon. Canada plastic surgeons can provide you with before and after breast augmentation surgery photos of their patients who have received “gummy bear” implants.

Locating a Breast Implants Surgeon in Canada

Breast augmentation is a serious medical procedure and should only be chosen by patients who are absolutely sure they are ready for the life-changing effects of surgery. In addition, the patient should be completely confident that she has selected the correct surgeon for the procedure. If you are considering breast implants surgery, it is a good idea to meet with several Canadian breast augmentation surgeons before making your decision. Be sure that you verify the surgeon's credentials and that you are comfortable with the surgeon's personality, his or her staff and the office environment of the plastic surgery clinic in general. In addition, view the surgeon's breast implants photos and inquire about the cost of breast augmentation prior to agreeing to surgery.

Visiting Canada for Breast Implants

Canada is home to many plastic surgeons who offer an array of breast implants surgery options. Some patients travel to Canada for surgery in order to receive gummy bear implants, which are not available in the United States, and remain there to enjoy the scenic beauty and cultural diversity of the region. The nation of Canada is enormous – it is the second largest country in the world. Its geography is extremely varied, ranging from rugged coastline and rainforests in the west to prairies and mountains in the central region to vast boreal forests and tundra in the north. Its major cities include Vancouver in British Columbia and Toronto and Ottawa in Ontario. One of the many spectacular sights in Canada is Glacier National Park in the Columbia Mountains of British Columbia, which contains stands of old-growth cedar and hemlock and provides habitat for endangered and threatened animals such as mountain goats, grizzly bears and caribou.


1. Glacier National Park

If you are interested in receiving information on how to be listed in this Breast Augmentation Surgeon Directory,
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